Followers of my journey will be able to click here to view the ever-changing itinerary as I chronicle my schedule, accommodations, air flights and other aspects pertaining to the logistics of travel.  One of my goals is to constantly get advice/tips from everyone following me on where to go next, who to meet, what to do, etc.  The F’reedom to travel in this way is one of the most exciting factors of this adventure in my mind!  As I gather suggestions throughout my trip, I will adjust my itinerary accordingly although I would like to still eventually visit the places I’ve listed on my draft itinerary.

Since I will be traveling for quite some time, I am looking for international hosts throughout the journey.  Friends, friends of friends and friend of friends of friends are encouraged to forward suggestions on connections across the globe.  This is not only for accommodations but also for volunteer or other work opportunities that may lie ahead, people to meet, etc.  I have also signed up with to see if I can utilize this resource as well.  Videos with commentary will be posted on all of these logistics.

2010 Around the World Trip :: DRAFT Itinerary

June 2010
Israel/Tel Aviv 4-13 June
San Diego 13-30 June Journey Final Prep

Toronto1-5 Jul            
Reykjavik, Iceland 5-9 Jul Glacier Tour
Amsterdam 9-15 July Weekend            
Vienna 14 -19 Jul Lifeball AIDS Fundraiser
Barcelona 19-31 July Barcelona through Aug 20
Seville 29 July Spend Day/Evening, Meet up with David V
Cordoba 30 July Capital of Andalusia (David V)
Granada 31 July Home of Alhambra (David V)

Malaga Aug 1 Seaside City (David V) Airport to BCN
Barcelona Aug 1 - 19 Aug Festival
Mykonos 19 - 28 Aug Greece

Berlin 1-6 Sep Germany
6-19 OPEN Prague
Munich 19 Sep Rosa Wiesn - Oktoberfest
Russia/Romania Hope 4 Kids Volunteer (2 weeks +1 Moscow)
Return to U.S. to prep ATP Trip

Return to US, finish estate dissolution
Prep: South America (Peru, Brazil, etc.), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Southeast Asia..beyond

U.S to regroup for ATR Trip
Rio 24 - 31 Jan 2011   New Years Celebration
Uruguay New Years?

2011 Around the World Trip :: DRAFT Itinerary

January 2011
Uruguay 1 Jan 2011 New Years?? OR Rio
Buenos Aires 5-12 Jan Explore Argentina

Cruise-Carribean 6-13 Feb 2011 Mardi Gras
Sydney 16-22 Feb 2011 Mardi Gras

Sydney/Oz Continued month of March
Fiji/New Zealand (March)
Indonesia (March)

Southeast Asia/Cambodia (Tom Vincent)


South Africa

TO BE CONTINUED through December 2011...all suggestions welcome!!!

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