my F'n life

Follow my journey of self discovery, life experiences and philanthropic work while I film [my F’n life] traveling around the world!  The “F’s” represented throughout this site depict important aspects of my life that I’d like to share with my family, friends and whoever else would like to experience moments I capture on video.  

Why [my F’n life]?
During breakfast one day with a good friend, I began listing the things which were most important to me for both my upcoming journey and life in general. This now expanded list includes foremost Family & Friends, Fitness, Fashion, Food and exploring different cultures while being about to travel in Flight.  I realized that most things I had written begin with the letter “F” and I said to myself “wow what a cool F’n life…this is [my F’n life]”!

This edgy phrase clicked with me and summed up exactly what I want to discover further during this journey.  Just having the ultimate freedom to have Fun to embark on this incredible journey is quite remarkable and I am fortunate to have this opportunity.  Another important “F” that I will be exploring is philanthropy and volunteer work which will also be chronicled under the [F]‘ILANTHROPY tab.




Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who wants to discover, explore or act on what they perceive as their own “F’s” in life.  These F’s will be different for everyone and may not necessarily even begin with the letter F.  I hope that by capturing and sharing my life experiences throughout this journey on short videos, others will be inspired to act on those things that are important in their own lives and detach any obstacles that may be hindering their dreams.  Several friends and family have already told me that they cannot wait to “live vicariously” through my life journey and I look forward to sharing this with anyone that finds it interesting and exciting.  This really is my F’resh Expression of living life authentically.


Who is Michael James?

I am a 30 something soon to be “nomad” that has decided to take an “indefinite sabbatical” from the 9-5 corporate world to gain other experiences and defining moments in life.  During the recent years I’ve had tremendous success in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry as well as with several small businesses that I’ve created on the side.  Most of my life I have been reaching for the “American Dream” by continually climbing the corporate ladder and reaching for the next best opportunity in my career path.  Although this success brought me some fulfillment, my entrepreneurial side has always allowed more of my creativity to shine through and is one reason I’d like to tap into this trait further moving forward.

My career success and creation of what I call “my complicated web” has allowed me to live an amazing life so far but with lots of stress and unneeded intricacies.  Recently and for several reasons including investments gone wrong, I am in the process of dissolving everything I have for this new journey of a lifetime.  Although these businesses, investments and belongings are in the process of being wiped out completely, the newfound freedom is extraordinary and has inspired me to carry forward with this fresh chapter in life.  

One of the many possible portrayals of the [my F’n life] website homepage picture reveals two of my “personas” reacting to each other.  The sometimes mischievous and fun “me” is throwing a bucket of water on the more serious “me”, eventually washing away his guard to expose yet another fun spirited “me”.  This simple FUN interpretation is only the beginning piece of what I hope to be an extraordinary passage in many facets of life.  There are other depictions and creative plays on this image that I will let each of you interpret on your own.  I am sure this concept will evolve over time as my journey defines it.

Although I have a “top line” plan for where I want to go and the type of activities I’d like to do, I am using many of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WAYN, etc.) to gain ideas, feedback and opportunities on what path to take during the next couple of years.  Since I will have next to nothing in funds during this trip, I am hoping to utilize this vast network of friends, friends of friends,  and friends of friends of friends for hosting in cities around the world.  It will be amazing to meet up with the locals to get a true taste of culture, meet new friends and gain those life experiences I spoke about.  I will only own and carry a day pack (computer/cameras) and one rolling duffle bag (clothes, etc).   

I look forward to all of your generous suggestions, feedback, ideas and hospitality as this life journey evolves.  I invite you all to watch the ongoing videos during my journey which may in some small way inspire you to enjoy your own “F’s” in life.



Michael Dittbenner


Michael Dittbenner

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